Bringing Back the Joy with Big Magic

There are two sides to everyone. One, we can call your soul or heart. The little piece inside of you that calls to you in the middle of the night and says irrationally “quit your job and get your butt on the next plane to Bali,” or “you should really invest in that obscure arts degree you’ve always wanted to do.”

Then, enter the brain. The all knowing, and all controlling. At times, listening to your brain is like living under the whims of a toxic lover. The brain squelches everything the heart desires with questions, logic, and analytics. The brain likes to ask questions like “who do you think you are dreaming that dream?”  “We don’t have a clue how to be a fashion designer, are you crazy?” “You want to run that race? Well you better train to get a better time than before, because otherwise, there isn’t a point.” There are so many articles about leaving toxic friends, lovers, and family members. But what if that toxic partner you’ve been living with is inside your head?

Enter Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert. The big message:

Do something, just for the joy of it. Just because you love it; just because you can. Don’t think about monetizing, winning, achievement, success, posting on instagram, or keeping up with the Jones’. Just do it for the simple reason it brings you joy.

I’m always surprised when I share with people that I race in triathlons. The conversation usually starts with the regular questions, generally about the fear of open water swimming, but then morphs into something else. “So, what’s your goal time?” “Are you racing to win?” “What’s your maximum output on the bike?” My response to this is always the same:

“I race in triathlons because they challenge me, they make me happy, they bring me joy!”

Whatever your thing is, don’t let that toxic partner in your head talk you out of it. Just do it, just because you can, just for the joy of it.

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2 thoughts on “Bringing Back the Joy with Big Magic

  1. Hi Susan,

    What an enlightening post! Thank you for this perspective, a shift in thinking, a much needed shift indeed!! I love your response to the questions about the why’s of participating in the Triathlons!! Take good care, my friend, J.

    Jill E. Ganton Addy & Co. eDesigns

    “Years have taught me what the days didn’t know.”


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