Stop Reading the News. Change Your Life

To learn from the best, you don’t need to meet them, you just need to observe them. This can be through books, audio, or a single powerful quote. Feeding your mind is how you become your own best coach.” — Timothy  Ferriss

One of the simplest things you can commit to right now to improve your life is to read. But, what you read, needs to serve you. 

I’m not talking about scrolling the internet reading the news. I don’t actually read or follow the news, and shocker, neither does Timothy Ferriss, author of the 4 Hour Work Week.

Unless you’re going to STAND UP from your desk, RUN out the door, and DO SOMETHING about what’s going on in the world, reading the news is not serving you, and, not helping you serve others.

What’s the best way to get yourself up to speed on current events?Go socialize with one of your highly intelligent friends that has a keen interest in global events. Initiate a short conversation, ask them thoughtful questions, and voila! In a matter of minutes, you’re going to be up to date!

Around the time I banished the news, I made the switch to reading nonfiction. I also started to listen to podcasts, and audiobooks while I drove, and on plane rides.

In 2016, the first nonfiction book I read was Open, by Andre Agassi. After that,I was hooked.

 Reading about real people, accomplishing real life things, is exciting, exhilarating, and brimming with inspiration!

I also slowly started weeding out distractions from my life. First, I cut my cable to the basic package, and then, I cancelled my NetFlix account. I’ve never been much of a internet scroller, but social media was, and still is, a big one for me. The urge to mindlessly scroll IG is something I fight every day. To stop yourself from consuming content mindlessly you need to:

Make a decision to consume content that is high quality, educational, and inspiring. Be very particular and intentional about what enters your mind.

I’m sure you’re thinking, so what? You stopped reading the news and consuming fantasy novels? What’s that going to change for me? The answer friends: EVERYTHING!!

The people you meet through reading and listening will inspire you to dare to dream, to dream big, and that, anything is possible. Most importantly, their words, will start changing your inner dialogue.

When you find yourself in hard situations, you’ll think of all the inspiring people you’ve read about, what they have gone through. Their words and stories will give you the courage to forge ahead.

Your inner thoughts will become filled with inspiring quotes, affirmations, and mantras.

So in summary, stop reading the news! Consuming that negative content every day is not serving you, and it’s not helping you to serve others. Instead, fill your mind with positive role models because…

Inspired people, inspire people. Empowered people, empower people. And these same people, go on to change the world.

My Top 5 books for newbies to nonfiction: 

  1. Open By Andre Agassi
  2. Educated By Tara Westover*
  3. Into Thin Air By Jon Krakauer
  4. Shoe Dog By Phil Knight*
  5. Finding Ultra By Rich Roll*

*Also Available on Audible

My Top 5 Podcasts:

  1. The Tony Robbins Podcast
  2. The Brendon Show
  3. RISE Podcast with Rachel Hollis
  4. Outside Podcast
  5. Freakonomics Radio

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One thought on “Stop Reading the News. Change Your Life

  1. Awesome post, and I’m glad someone else feels the same as me about the news. People are always shocked when they find out I’m unaware about the latest tragedy in the world. And lets face it, 99% of the news is bad news. If 99% of your diet is bad, then your body will be unhealthy, and it is the same for your emotional and mental well-being.

    Great list of books Susan. If you have Finding Ultra on there, then you have to add Can’t Hurt Me! I know you love that book! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!


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