The Keystone Habit that Changed My Life

My obsession with collecting quotes started after reading my mentor John C. Maxwell compiles and files quotes religiously. This simple practise has elevated my fitness, writing, happiness, and overall mindset. When you can draw on inspiring words at any time, your life changes. Here are five inspirational quotes that were plucked from the inner pages of books I’ve studied:

“Changes within us challenges us to make changes around us, and our growth creates a belief in us that others can grow. When that happens in an enivornment and everybody is stretching and growing, then indifference is replaced with make a difference. And that’s how we begin to change the world. – John C. Maxwell, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

“If you aim at what you can hit, you’ll likely get there every time: never any higher, never any bigger, never any better. But if you aim for above your own head, you’ll fly so much higher than you can imagine.” – Rachel Hollis, Girl, Wash Your Face

“I fear boredom and mediocrity much more than I fear failure. For me, great is better than terrible, and terrible is better than mediocre, because terrible at least gives life flavour.” – Ray Dalio, Principles

“The world is a mirror. And we get from life not what we want, but that which we are.” – Robin Sharma, The 5am Club

“Life is nothing but a grand experiment, an opening in a moment of history to shout, scream, love, live, and die, but you won’t do that by sitting on your ass worrying about the right thing to do with your life. A tremendous amount of amazing discovers were made by accident, not by plan. Try something, and if that doesn’t work, try something else! That’s the beauty of this. It’s an exploration of what it is to be alive.” Gary John Bishop, Unf*ck Yourself

If you’d like to start this practise I’d recommend using a cloud based platform to collect the quotes and organize them into subject areas. I’ve been using Evernote since I started. It’s flexible and allows text, dictation, audio files, and photos to be uploaded to the same document. The simple act of writing has been shown to improve recall, so this habit will allow you to draw on inspiring words when you need them the most. This habit has changed my life, and I believe it can change yours too.

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