YOLOing for the Responsible Adult

Let’s be honest, YOLO (You Only Live Once) doesn’t have the best connotation. It’s overused, trendy, and tends to conjure up visions of a twenty-two-year-old, over entitled backpacker, traveling through Europe, flipping you the peace sign.

BUT What if I told you YOLO could change your life?

For responsible adults, the guilt and shame battle starts early. We go from wanting to be “a good little boy/girl,” to striving to be “the hardest worker at our firm,” to the “greatest mom/dad on the block.” We are the rule followers. We’re the people who feel complete shame for calling in sick at work, unless we are literally in the throes of death. We are the responsible adult. If you relate to this, you’re my people. If not, I’m envious of your freewheeling ways.

Four years ago, I became a remote worker. My job requires extensive travel, and on occasion, working a full week in three days. When I started, I felt like there was no cut off with my hours. On home office days, I would wake at 7am and work until late evening. I would feel the need to be “active” during regular business hours, and beyond. If I wasn’t available, I felt like I was breaking some sort of unwritten rule. When you feel like you’re breaking the rules as a responsible adult the guilt and shame spiral ensues.

Until, I started saying “YOLO.”

Saying YOLO has gotten me out of my head and into my life!

It has saved me from so many arguments I used to have with myself. Countless shame spirals have been avoided. Using this simple phrase has given me so many BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS!

It goes something like this:

“Hey self, I’ve finished all my work this week. It’s still technically working hours, but I have the choice to either sit here like a lump or leave early and go for a bike ride.”

Answer: YOLO

“Hey self, I’ve been following my training diet all week, that cake on the menu sounds amazing, should I get it?”

One Word: YOLO

So whether you’re a hard working professional who needs a few hours off, or a dedicated mother who desperately needs a pedicure; whatever your thing is; try YOLO on for size.

What does YOLO mean to me? It’s not about throwing all your responsibilities to the wind. It’s not about quitting your well-paying job, and going island hopping in Greece. Although, I mean, it could be. The true meaning is to set yourself free a little. Take yourself off the hook. Just for the afternoon. Just for the day. Give your responsible self permission to do whatever you want, without shame, without guilt.

Because life is short, because you deserve it, and because YOLO! Peace friends

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6 thoughts on “YOLOing for the Responsible Adult

  1. This is something I need to make a point of in this coming year. So caught in this rut of work, not giving myself much time to really live.

    And I think it starts with the small things, like you said it doesn’t have to be a trip to Greece… even if it means kicking your shoes off and simply sitting in quiet solitude for 30min without feeling guilty.

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    1. Yes! Exactly Emil! It doesn’t have to be something big. I think we can get so caught up on being “busy” these days that we sometimes forget to do the same things that we enjoy! I find I really change according to the seasons. In the summer I feel so alive, outside all the time! I have more trouble this time of year. Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support friend!

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