Finding Clarity and Meaning Through Setting Intentions: A Guide

“In our modern culture, it’s hard not to feel like a hamster on a wheel. Constantly moving, but going nowhere. I’ve felt like that, and I think many of us do. To create more meaning in the every day, we need to be intentional.”

Three years ago, I made a shift from reading fiction to nonfiction, and it changed my life. I started consuming information like it was my addition. Reading books, listening to podcasts; anything I could get my hands on.

 A year went by, and I wondered, when are these lightbulbs supposed to start going off? When are all these words of wisdom going to work their magic and change my life? I even thought I was consuming too much information, so, I backed off for a while. 

But then, something miraculous started to happen. Finally, all the scaffolding had been built, all the puzzle pieces were in place, and I could finally see the full picture. Important bits of information from each book I read, each podcast I listened to, floated through my head like colourful balloons. The lightbulbs, my friends, turned on.

From all those resources, I have compiled a list of 6 exercises that can help you gain clarity and meaning in your life through implimenting intentional living. Here they are:

1. Review Your Week

  • take a regular week, and start tracking all of your activities.
     What do you do during a week? Where do you spend your time? Do you spend a lot of time surfing social media? I know I sure did. Maybe your vice is watching tv.
  • Now, sort these activities into two categories 1. meaningful, in that they brought joy or value versus 2. meaningless, in that they can be axed.
  • Commit to removing at least one of the “meaningless” activities and replacing it with something meaningful.

2. Set Weekly Intentions

  • every Sunday, take some time and review the week that just passed. Set intentions for the coming week.

3. Set Daily Intentions:

  • Take 10 minutes each evening and plan out your following day. Write it down or put each task in Google calendar. If it’s written down somewhere, consider it SET IN STONE. 

4. Make Time for Valued Activities:

  • Schedule in activities that make you happy, joyful!
  • At the end of the week, total all the activities that brought you joy. 

5. Monthly Review

  • Set aside some time at the end of the month to review your calendar. Look back at everything you accomplished and all the joyful moments that happened!

6. Bi-Yearly/ Yearly Review:

  • If you want to take these exercises to a new level. Schedule out a significant amount of time quarterly, bi-yearly, or yearly to review your calendar. Categorize all your activities. Think about those that brought you value vs. those that were meaningless. 

These activities have given me back great meaning in my life, and I assure you, they can do the same for you.

Thank-you for allowing me the great privilege to be part of your life today.

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