Set Intentions, Change your Life

Do you ever feel like you want to escape? Do you ever feel trapped? These words used to swirl around my head like black ravens as I dreamt of the far off lands I’d rather be.

Completing the Tour Du Mont Blanc (TMB) changed my life, but, not in the way you might think.

This hike occupied my thoughts for over a year. Thinking about myself amongst those mountains just made me giddy with anticipation. I envisioned the transformation the TMB would have on my mind, body, and spirit.

When I arrived back home, the opposite occurred. I was tired, and things seemed to lack a certain luster.  My fitness plummeted; I stopped doing everything I loved; I was in a post TMB rut.

For over six months, I yearned to be back in those mountains. Those ugly words “trapped” and “escape” lurking in the dark corners of my mind.

When New Years Eve 2019 rolled around, I reflected on my year. The TMB stood out like a beaming castle in the clouds, but, there wasn’t much else. I came to the dark realization that I had wasted the last six months of my life being stuck in the past.

Around that time, my husband had bought me a few books “Awaken The Giant Within” by Tony Robbins and “High Performance Habits” by Brendon Burchard. I read Awaken the Giant in December, and High Performance Habits in January. Around that time, I also read “Girl, Wash Your Face,” by Rachel Hollis.

These books CHANGED MY LIFE. In Awaken The Giant Within, Tony Robbins makes a statement about people feeling “trapped” in their own lives and proclaims:

“We have more choice now than we have EVER had before!”

That statement had a profound effect on me. Those negative words like “trapped” and “escape,”I gave them an eviction notice.

We are so lucky to live in a time where EVERYTHING we do is a choice. See your life there? Well, if you don’t like it, you can make a choice to stay in that place, or you can make a choice to rise.

For me, it wasn’t about the things that surrounded me, it wasn’t about my environment, it was about the things I was putting value on, and those negative words and thoughts that were taking up valuable real estate in my head. 

We need to stop living in the past, and stop living in the future. We need to live in the present by setting an intention to be better EVERY DAY.

It’s not about that big trip you have planned in six months, it’s about this moment right here, right now! Because, this moment, that’s all we have friends.

It’s such an amazing gift to go on a once in a lifetime trip. But, you know what makes a larger impact on your life? Setting an intention to be joyous, kind, and to grow EVERY SINGLE DAY.

So get on it! Set your intentions for your day! Heck, for the rest of your week. I know I already have mine all laid out. And you know what? I know, it’s going to be a great day. 

COMING SOON: Keep an eye out for my next post covering how I set daily, and weekly intention.

5 thoughts on “Set Intentions, Change your Life

  1. I have the High Performance Habits book right beside me and am about to embark on the ‘Ckarity’ chapter. It’s a touch scary to contemplate finishing this book – I think it’s going to strip all my excuses from me!

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    1. Victoria! So true! This book changed my life! It’s great to have it on hand as a reference book once you’re finished. The clarity chapter was my favourite. Get ready for the journey! His podcast is also pretty awesome. The Brendan Show. Thanks for reading and commenting! Means so much to me! Please share if you like my content!


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