The Friday Five: What I Loved, Learned, and Read this Week


The Bedtime Routine

Morning routines may get all the glory but if you’re not disciplined with your bedtime, there’s no way you’ll be seizing the day. Instead of implementing a morning routine, I would suggest to first start a good bedtime regiment. Here is one from Brendan Burchard that I have found to be effective.

  • Eat three hours before bed.
  • Stop work two hours before.
  • No screen time one hour before.
  • Use the last hour to journal, read, think, plan, and prepare for the next day.

Ironman Virtual Reality Club

Are you looking for some motivation since all races for the foreseeable future are cancelled? Check out Ironman’s virtual reality club at In this completely free club, users earn badges and points as they complete challenges. Duathlons consisting of 2 segments of running, and one segment of biking are announced most weeks. All three segments have to be completed generally between Friday afternoon to Sunday night. There’s still time to sign up for VR4 consisting of two runs totalling 13km, and a 40km bike ride.

Tight Hamstrings Rejoice!

Athletes and remote workers have a wonderful thing in common, tight hamstrings. This Yoga by Adriene session is amazing for releasing those tight hammies and lower back.


Whether you’re a small business owner, blogger, content creator, or marketing guru, is an amazing tool to find out your customers needs. This website gives up to date information on what people are googling. Wanting to write a blog post on intentional living? Pop some key wordSninto this easy to use website and it will provide you with the top google searches related to the topic.


Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins

The most valuable lesson Tony Robbin’s writings have instilled in me is that emotions follow motion. You can change your state instantly, just by changing your physiology such a sitting up straight, and putting on a smile. I will be sharing my top takeaways from this book next week on my Instagram TV video series, so stay tuned! Until then, I will leave you with a quote:

The birth of excellent begins with our awareness that our beliefs are a choice.

Tony Robbins, Unlimited Power

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