The Friday Five: What I Loved, Learned, and Read this Week


Thrive: Finding Happiness The Blue Zone Way By Dan Buettner

Have you ever wondered what makes people happy? In Thrive, Dan Buettner takes the reader on a fascinating journey to four of the happiest places on earth. If you’re interested in learning more, check out my latest book review series on Instagram. You can find me @miss_susanflynn.


According to research, joining a group that meets only once month brings you the same happiness as doubling your income! So instead of punching long hours building up your overtime pay, join a local association.


ALO 7 Day Yoga Challenge

Maybe it’s the extra time on my hands or my aging body, but I’m loving Yoga lately. It so easy to hop out of bed, roll out your mat, and get your day started. How to make it extra fun? Gather up some friends and host a virtual yoga challenge using ALO’s 7 Days of Gratitude.

iPad Pro

After weeks of waiting, I finally received my new iPad Pro. It’s super light weight, responsive, and the new camera is fantastic. I opted for the 11″ with 128GB of memory.


And, what would a week be without a great quote? Enjoy!

“You must boldly adventure out into the world again, stretching yourself in pursuit of greater joy and enthusiasms. You must soar above your own shortcomings. You must express your highest self. And it is only in doing this, out there, in a world rich with choice and challenge, and fear and freedom, that your greatest gifts will be expressed and where your life will become one of constant celebration.

The world will indeed celebrate your efforts. Listen. It is out there that destiny calls. Be bold and ready yourself. It is time to charge once again.”

Brendon Burchard

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